Beware of UV-C Light wands that may not work!

Beware of UV-C Light wands that may not work!

October 1, 2020

There is a lot of misunderstanding and confusion about UVC light and how it works. The key question is what power density of UVC light emission is needed to “destroy” pathogens and viruses. To understand what is needed to be effective and practical first  an understanding of the science needed to destroy viruses is needed and secondly what energy dosage is needed to make UVC practical to use for fast effective destruction of the viral organism. 

Hand-held, compact GUV products have been marketed for more than a decade for disinfecting small objects such as cell phones. Most of these emit less than 2 mW·cm-2 of 254-nm UV-C at contact, meaning that the wand has to be held to the surface for 15 -20 seconds for an effective multi-log unit disinfection. Waving it over an object such as a postcard for one or two seconds will not provide reliable disinfection. These products typically employ a safety switch that senses when the emission is not directed downward (away from the eyes) and shuts off if turned upward. Even if safely used, these might provide a false impression of effective disinfection. 

This is why we developed Protec 99 - the worlds' first hand held, battery operated, high powered UV-C light device, which can render viruses nuetral in under 2 seconds or up to 10 times faster than the wands on the market!

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