Press Release - Product Launch ProTec 99™

Press Release - Product Launch ProTec 99™


November 6, 2020

UTICA, NEW YORK – Protec Scientific, Inc. has officially launched their new portable UV-C light sterilization device, ProTec 99™. This revolutionary product, with a 99.99% germicidal rating, aids in disinfecting surfaces in order to provide a more sterile and healthier environment  for both homes and businesses. 

“We have been working with ultraviolet light for medical applications for over a decade. With the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, our scientists and engineers knew that UV-C could be a very valuable tool. But, to be practical, it needed to be light weight and provide a high-energy density UV-C emission to surfaces. Hence we developed ProTec 99™ to be portable, powerful, and simple to use. ProTec 99™ sterilizes surfaces in under 2 seconds more than 5-10 times faster than other UV-C wands that deliver virtually no energy. The key to UV-C being successful in sterilization is the power density delivered. ProTec 99™ supplies that,” John Yorke, Protec Scientific Inc.’s Managing Director said. 

Protec 99 is the solution for quick and affordable sterilization in a wide variety of areas. This patent-pending product employs proprietary technology in a handheld device that allows the user to scan surfaces while emitting powerful UV-C radiation. When used correctly, ProTec 99™ is a simple, safe, and effective method for disinfection that attenuates 99.99% of viruses from replicating, including coronavirus. 

Given the current climate and increased need for sterilization, ProTec 99™ fulfills the market gap for a high-powered, portable device that attenuates viruses within seconds. It is the only product of its kind, meaning there are no other devices on the market currently with the same power and effectiveness. Regardless of the type of surface, Protec 99 can effectively eradicate any virus or bacterial pathogen within seconds. 

While we are currently facing the threat of COVID-19, it remains a fact that tens of thousands of Americans annualy lose their lives to other viruses including influenza. An improved sterilization technique is needed to combat the spread of all viruses. The coronavirus has highlighted everyone’s awareness of the vulnerability we have to contamination. Social changes, as well as increased health procedures, will be enacted in everyday life to provide the population with increased safety protection. ProTec 99™ is a safe, scientifically proven, effective method to combat viruses and bacterial pathogens now and for the future.

About Protec Scientific: works to develop products in order to provide safe, effective, non-chemical, and easy to use devices that will attenuate viruses and bacterial pathogens. Protec Scientific, Inc. has over a decade of clinical experience with UVA and UVB wavelengths in the medical  treatment arena. ProTec Scientific, Inc. utilizes officially licensed technology developed by NASA, and along with extensive research and development, has led to the production of ProTec 99™ which uses (patent-pending) ConSrv™ technology to deliver a 99.99% effective destruction dosage of 254nm energy in a compact, lightweight, battery-powered device. ProTec 99™ is designed, engineered and manufactured in the United States. Protec Scientific, Inc. is listed and registered as an approved germicidal manufacturing facility by the US regulatory agency that governs UV-C products [EPA]. Our EPA establishment # is: 96482-NY-1, EPA Region: 02.


For more information on how ProTec 99™ can help you keep your high traffic surfaces safe and sterile, view this. To purchase ProTec 99™ click here. To see the original